Book review – Shanghai Girls by Lisa See

Shanghai Girls by Lisa See

Based on true facts but with fictionnal characters this wonderful book makes you travel back to Shanghai just like it was in the 1930’s.  Its a riveting story depicting the life of two sisters living carefree in this  »Paris » of Asia.  They both have everything they want and need living with their high class family, posing as  »beautiful girls » in the China calendar, traveling in rickshaws and being blind and naive about real life. 

One day, the life they’ve always known stops abruptly when their father announces the arrange marriages he has for both of them.  As women in China they have to obey their Baba and marry those strangers that came from America. As they are both accepting their fate, Japanese bombs starts falling on China and everything becomes even more complicated and in jeopardy.

Thats when this amazing book unravels and really makes you travel with it.  The author Lisa See is so descriptive that all the smells, the villages, the characters comes to life a little bit more with every page your read. I almost ordered myself some chinese food while reading it !  Thats how much I was craving all the restaurants she was describing lol !!!!  Pearl and May, the two main characters are so real you feel as though you are right there with them.  If you have a sister you absolutely have to read this book, if you don’t after reading this book you really wish you had one.  All of what they will go through from the time they are young teens until they are older and have lives of their own is inspiring. 

If you love historical facts about foreign countries and to learn about other cultures traditions and beliefs it also a great book to read.  I’ll admit it though, I think this book is more for women than for men because of the sisterhood bond throughout the book.  Nevertheless, if you are a man and have read this book I would be more than happy to hear your appreciation of it. 

A great book that once I was done with the first few pages I really could not put down.  Loved every bit of it.  The only down side that I could think in my opinion is that I would have added another chapter at the end just to conclude the storyline something like a jump in 5 years and what happened to everyone.  I highly recommend this book. 


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