Smoking stars

Stoned by this electronic love

Always a word away from my mind

But still so close

So far

The complete imperfect state of my soul

Mixed with the greyish smoke in your eyes

Will run the course of time

Before the blackout

That will bring you to my curveceous roads

What’s that game called again?

Hide and seek, my heart

No one can find me

Look at them

Furiously searching under the dark blue moon

For a glimpse of what this could be

The loneliness of this city

Is filled with electricty

Sometimes, when its dark and quiet, you can almost see it

The infinite sparkles amidst their minds eyes

The stars ended their days

With the first typed letter

Trying desperatly to breathe

Forgetting the scrupulous desperation

I’m chocking too

Willingly staring at you

Holding my mask with both hands

It takes courage to inhale completely

But furthermore, madness to let go of your flesh

Lets run, anywhere but here

The guards are out smoking

And i’m barely holding on

For a split second

We are no one but us

Follow me in the dark














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