The stylist has been trying this stupid up do for almost an hour now

I’ve lost so much of everything with the chemo

The leaves are falling too fast on this early evening

I take a deep breath

And tell him to try again

I’ve got less than an hour before putting my dress on and being escorted down the aisle

I don’t even need to powder my nose

One of the peeps of becoming almost sheer white

It was suppose to be superficial

This relationship

As well as this skin cancer

Both ended up being way more then what I expected

But with great sorrow, sometimes, you find great love

We’re ready for you Miss, soon Misses West

My mouth is so dry right now

I take another breath

Ok, I’m ready

Doors open

I see everyone I love

They are all there for me, for us

And I see you, at the end, at my new beginning

Our song starts

And my wheelchair takes her first steps

I cry while smiling wide

Yeah, it’s really our song playing

And I must say

Heavy metal do sound great in a church





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