Pulsating artery

So …. I’ve been looking at you, not looking at me

And I’ve been smiling while you were not listening

This endless night feels like I’ll never see the light again

And i’m scared

I’m fucking scared

But I still stare, silently at you

My eyes can’t see anything else anyways

This feeling of bareness

Ignites my senses

The lights are going to sleep now

One by one

Flickering furiously at the sight of this new morning

And I’m still looking at me

Reflecting on this unwashed store window

Shopping for an instant of sanity

Hands in my pocket

Hooded head

Heart broken in half

Bleeding on both sleeves

Feeling this cheap sidewalk

Fucking my heels profusively

And I’m dripping

Right in front of you

But you walk

Newspaper under your arm

Cell on your ear

Life tucked away somewhere business never meets

Guess I’ll go home now

But I’ll keep you in me

Just a little while longer















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