Fucked Pretenders

*I’ve got the body of a lover with a masochist brain – Joseph Salvat

The thing is….we’re all fucked!

Between the smiles, the fake laughs, the hours at the gym, the buffed up proteined muscles, the deflated minds, the disconnected hearts, the expensive late night meals, the costly endings, the bubbly drinks and the bubble butts, the leather smelling cars, the straps we put on, the pills we swallow in, the 9 to 5 jobs to float on the rims of life, the nightcalls in closets, the masked daydreaming.

Yes, I tell you, we’re all fucked!

And we pretend, that everything is always fine, that the ocean never waves, that life is perfect between the kids, work and groceries, between the singletons, city and drinks. Tindering away our hearts to the biggest losers.

But we’re all fucked!

When all we really want is acceptance, love, cuddles, late night laughs, a hand to hold, a naked shoulder to languishly rub your mouth against, sheets filled with shared dreams, breakfast spent in bed, early morning movies, late night orgasms.  Subways in elevators and planes in sunny skies.

And we’re all pretenders at this un fucking ness!

Cause it’s better to cry alone then in crowds.  Cause its easier to breathe when your facing a wall.  Cause its easier to fake than to be real.  Cause saying I love you is a cheap thing to mumble.  Cause pretending to not remember is better than knowingly hurting.

Cause playing dumb is so fucking sexy these days.

But we’re all fucked!

In this mirrored life of bling bling’s and blah blah’s.  We’re all breathing the same air, sharing the same floor, fucking the same game, losing ourselves sprinting away from vulnerability.  Depravity wins gold, love…a sore loser.

But we’re all fucked!

Pretending we don’t want the things we really want, not looking for what really matters, laughing at crappy jokes and fucking lousy lovers.

Days wasted harmlessly creeping away from our souls.

Let’s fuck each other…….by being real, by seing one another longer than comfortable, by doing shit that no one else does, by breathing deeply and exhaling lavishly, by touching ourselves under the curtains, by meeting each other between the sheets.

Everybody’s fucked anyways…





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