Steamy Poetry

So…I’ve been reading a lot of erotic poetry and other shit lately and I’ve been writing quite a lot, here and there, on sparse papers all around my loft.

Since these poems are random and some are rather short, I’ve decided to compile them all in one blog for now…

Enjoy getting wet or dry, enjoy your martinis you dirty minds….



Pulsating through my sheets

Hard and juicy against my left hip

I feel your heart beating

All over my body

And I want more

Of this sinful misery



My hands are reading your body

Flowing on a dirty kind of braille

Your sweat dripping on my body

Like a dirty kind of man

Between two strokes of the heart

Midnight by your side

Slowly stops me

From being outside my shell

I’m loudly calling his name

Cause I’m fucked



All thoses rodes

Cooper sheating my soul

Flowing in me

Life in my veins

Going out in smokes

But waiting to be embraced

Like you, next to me



I’m always afraid of loving too much

As if love is a malignant disease

That most people run away from

But instead I choose to confidently walk

Towards you



It keeps on writing

Like a disc repeating

The waves of thought

Going through this matter

But it keeps on tuning

On that same frequency

Whats going on in the streets

Of my busy mind



I’m on the fourth

Getting bubblier, by the rim

And my lips

Are still thinking of you

While they sip away dependency

Are you still thirsty ?



With your fingers drumming away

On the tip of my naked shoulder

I can see quite clearly

The shape of your ass

Bouncing away in the dark



Ass up

Heart down

Hands up

Soul down

I’ve been circling for a while

In the dimensions of your life

Patiently mesmerized by those lips

Walking aroung my neighborhood

Touching everyone that moved

While I was standing still

In the wind of your synchro loving



We’re both walking

A slippery line

Even though its not raining

It’s still wet inside

And I’m waiting tonight

One day

We shall meet again

And for a brief instant

We will walk on the slippery line

When no one is watching

I’ll hold your hand

In the dark corners of my heart



Look up at the sky

The stars are raining tonight

Spread your wings

And let me go



Your hair rising on your chest

Where my head rest

While your fingers are playing

Melodies on the distal parts of our bodies

I feel the sparkles

At the very tip on your precipice

Nodes of electricity

Pulsating rapidly

Feel it now while it’s still hot



I love when you move

So fast and steady

Like a drill

Reverberating my body

Through the pavement

Of my rocky heart



On lazy afternoons

Laying in bed

Windows open to the world

Outside ours

The white curtains

Are waving at me

Like a flag

Asking for renewed peace



My body is moving with yours

While my mind is serenating him

Twice the love

All at once



When I’m drinking you

My thirst

Is never truly quenched







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