Letters of time

My mind have been racing lately.  I realise the reality of time constraint versus all that I want to accomplish in the years, or not, that I may have left.

This vertigo of missing out is driving me insane.  I keep on adding to the number of books I wanna read, the movies I wanna see, the love I wanna share.

I wanna see everything, hear all the best music, taste amazing food, laugh with amazing friends, share time with all this infinite universe.

Boredom will not be an option.

Just added to my list.   The whole work of Milan Kundera, that should keep me occupied for a while in between reading anatomy and chinese medicine books.

Winter is slowly knocking on our Canadian doors, time will slow down with the whispering of earlier darkness and longer nights wrapped in warm blankets.

I will keep my books companions lovingly between my hands, my fingers slowly caressing every page, my voyeuristic eyes gazing every curves of each letters, my nose smelling the reminiscence of ink being laid passionately on white canvas.

And I will think of you…



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