Let’s get wild

So….I’ve been dating, for a while now.  What a fucking waste of time !

Today I got fed up, deleted all those fantasy apps.  Done. Arrivederci!

Now what ?  What will I do with my boring nights ?  No more texting away, no more boring dates, no more false hopes.  I’ve never been truly single in yearsssss!

I don’t know how to be single at all.

I’m done with one nights, unfelt kisses, grabbing asses I don’t know and looking into eyes where I don’t belong.

I am a woman, not a girl anymore.  I’m done faking orgasm (cause lets face it, it rarely happens with a stranger), I’m done playing nice, I’m done saying yes when I wanna say no, I’m done conversing about boring stuff.

Where are you from ?  What do you like to do ?

Oooh I like unicorns too, what a coincidence!

Fawk you !

So all of a sudden a whole chunk of time just got handed back to me on a golden platter.  What I’m I gonna do with it ?  Me that’s used to chasing men like dogs chases cars.

Well first off, tonight, I’m gonna go out dancing with my girlfriends.

I’m gonna continue working my ass hard at the gym, but won’t offer it to anyone for at least a month.  I’m taking a month off of this dating jungle.  Because I’ve never done this before, I always have someone I can call in case of chilly nights or horny days.

Being laid has never been a problem for moi.

I know, I know, Hollywood problem!

But honestly its boring.

New ass, same old boring song.

I want someone to look at me, even when I’m not looking.  That takes the time to know me, and realise that under all this pretty face their is actually a real human being, breathing and all.

I’m tired of men thinking they are all that when they can’t even find a clitoris.

I’m tired of losing myself in the arms of strangers.

The next time I sleep with someone, I will love him.  I want love so bad that I’m willing to close all doors to take the time and make space for real love to enter my life.

I’m so honest that when I look at them they think im joking or they think I might not be real.  I wonder if it ever crossed their minds that I’m actually as real as it gets.

So here’s to Nadz no dating no sex project.  I’m gonna be horny as hell, please help me God.  lol

One month, no dates, no sex, no penis in my vagina kinda project.

I’m done sending text, I’m done waiting for a reply.  I’m done ghosting and being ghosted.

This game is not for me so I deliberately decide to step out of it.  I’m done being hurt, on purpose or not.  I’m not just a piece of candy.

This piece of ass, will be on a dancefloor near you tonight.  Not looking for fresh meat but closing her eyes and dancing the night away.

One month, I can do this.  Wish me luck.







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