The borders of reality

Being a writer means bringing new worlds to life, playing with words to make brain imageries or even, if we are lucky, maybe make you feel something.

I always write as if it’s happening to me.  I find it makes it more real, believable.

The line is always blurry between what’s real and what’s not, and I won’t lie by saying I love walking on it, immersing myself in realities that never took place.

For those of you, that reads me vividly since the beginnings of this journey, you all know that most of what I write is not real.

For example, I wrote a story about crying myself to sleep in another’s man arms

Here is the link  Histoire perdue


It never happened.


The coffee the morning after either.  But it made up an awesome love scene….

But it could have, it just didn’t.  But it made you feel…..right ?

Jealousy, envy, pain, grief, it struck some sort of butterflies in your heart, one way or the other.

That’s what I’m aiming for when I write.   To stir something burried in all of us that we can all share…emotions.

Writing stories is one of my many passions in life.  I’m a dreamer.  I believe one trait that differenciate a good writer versus a great one is the belief that you are going on a journey with them.  Accompanying them through some sort of adventure where you can relate and can’t get enough of, like an awesome lover.

I am an awesome lover.

(I’ll let you decide if this line is reality or not)

One part secret, one part fun, one part dark, one part sunny, but all of them real, when you really take the time to know me.

Also, for all of you new followers, the music I post with my blog, it’s always looping in my ears while I write.  It’s kinda an added way for you to immerse yourself in my world a little bit more.

I never know what I’ll write about when I start a new entry.  I press play, start the looping song and wait for my fingers to start moving.  It takes me about 15 min to write any blogs and then I post.  I never re read, this is the space for me to just be free and creative and let myself be immersed in my word’s world.

So read on, read past stuff, read recent stuff, but always keep in mind, not all of them are 100% accurate, actually none of them are.

The recipe is, a little bit of truth, a pinch of sexyness, a tablespoon of craziness, and a cup of clouds.

I take my inspiration from everyday situations, maybe a glimpse at someone on the street, maybe an emotion that I’m feeling at the moment, maybe I start writing something real and finish it in fantasy world, who knows… I play with situations, I play with words, I invent worlds for my pleasure and yours….hopefully!

I wanna say thank you, to all of you, far, close, I know you, I don’t, thank you for sharing a bit of yourself with me, thank you for reading me, for years, a month, a day.

I write for me, mostly, because it makes me forget reality for a brief instant and I dive deeply into the many mazes of my mind.  I love getting found and lost.  I love love, I’m a romantic at heart, hence why I write a lot about it.  We can all relate to loving and being loved, hurting and being hurt, holding the hand of a cherish one.

I’ll hold your hand in my world.

Let yourself get lost in it with me.  It’s an amazing place.

Love you all







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