Glimpse of Lovin

When a bunch of random letters suddenly becomes words.  When a bunch of sparse words give birth to sentences.  When sparse papers lying around my apartment floors becomes a new world.  When I see you in the deep universe of your eyes.

Just a bunch of old and new stuff, that I’ve never published yet.  Hope you enjoy and that it strikes a cord of emotions in your own being.



I’ve eaten in your palm

And you’ve licked my skin

The saliva between us

Never seems to be weak

Nevertheless im hungry

For more

Of what you can’t give…


Closing doors

Time is ticking pass my neck

Like a jugular pulsating readily

Like a palm slightly choking me

All hands on deck

Gambling away myself

Slamming all over those closing doors

Bruising my fragile heart

Just for the sake

Of spending another second

Next to you.



You always taste amazing

In your lovers eyes

A little bit spicy

With a lingering sweetness

That stays on the tip

Of your mind

Long after

The last curvy bliss


Locked up

It’s in the darkness of my soul

That the memories of us

Will reside, mouth shut

As if it never began

All that foolishness of thou

All that crazyness of wow

Forever tucked away

Fucked away

Deep under my skin


Concept corner

What is that loving concept?

Of two human

Holding each other


What is that loving concept?

Of two souls

Making one

What is that loving concept?

Of you being me

And me being you

What is that loving concept?


Till someone breaks in half again

I’ll give one part to you

I’ll keep one for me

You can wear it around your neck

Like a trophy, hunting still

For the next half

That will make you whole

Chasing the opening seasons

While opening your legs

And shooting yourself

Begging for more

Of what you can’t have

At the corner

Of concept loving road.



When all you ever wanted

Was to fit in

But as the years comes and goes

To come to the conclusion

That this beautiful exclusion

Is all you ever needed

To be set free



Hello Hello!

Where did you go?

For that brief instant

While your eyes

Were looking away from us








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