It’s on rainy days

That I miss your touch the most

Laying in bed

Hearing the soft drops caressing the glassy windows

And I imagine you

Behind a bar late at night

On the ice

Riding an ocean wave

Holding a kids hand in a hospital

Rocking a microphone and collecting the applauses

Whoever you are

You meant something to me

For an instant, for a night

An I’ll be forever grateful

For these glimpse of eternity

Thinking forward of what could have been

Life is just a series of fortunate events

That collide at the right speed of light

I miss you sometime


Probably because I haven’t found the one yet

Even though I’ve already walked down an aisle

I now know for sure

That my whole heart has yet to be fully open


To see the light that shines in your eyes

I’m slowly dancing

Holding my cheek on vulnerability

Trying to pinch that ass

So hard to attain

So fucking fun to run from

But I’m finally tired of running away

The sky is always bigger than us

I’m ready to find love

The real kind

Whatever that means







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