Dirty Dancer

I always dance alone, in the morning light

Singing away my unnecessary fears

To my absent crowd

I always walk along, in this colorful life

Yelling away at the bravest that dare to follow

In my unmarked footsteps

I always write alone, in the imaginary world

Inking away the silent words of my heart

That I’m afraid to let free

I always dream alone at night, next to strangers

Running away in the vast darkness

Letting my tall walls wander

Eclipsing for a brief instant

The moon shading my eyes

Have you ever asked yourself?

Where we all go when all this nonsense is over?

Have you ever dreamed of me?

While my eyes are closed and I’m waltzing with my guards

Every night, I take a long look at the stars

And I say Hello to my absent crowd in the clouds

Going to bed next to the next one

Sweet pillow talking my dreams

Until I open my grey mood again

And put the music back on

I always dance alone in the morning….



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