Greener days

Sooooooo, I woke up this morning with the stomach flu!

Are you fucking kidding me!!!!

Day 2 of not drinking/partying/naked nights and I wake up feeling way worse than when I have a hangover on my hands.

I had a wonderful five stars breakfast of dry premium plus crackers…nothing but the best for this very high class sick lady.


Life is trying to be funny with me…bastard!

I am still smiling though.  Through the grinding teeth of heavy nausea and clammy sweats.  Another of my classmates caught that green face bug as well, must be something going around, it’s spring season after all.  The peak season for watery shits and lazy days vomiting away the reminiscence of winter.  (yup im writing poetically about this lol)

What else is new with me?

I finished a book last night, one that I started a long time ago but always took the back burner because I was out in town.

Nothing else, and I assume today will be without any big Ha Ha !  too.

Wish me luck!







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