Downtown and Forever

I have agreed to the most interesting, weirdest, intriguing proposal of a relationship I’ve ever had so far in my life.

I’m writing to you this morning with butterflies in my stomach.

Not sure if they are scared or excited but they are very much alive.

And let me tell you ladies (and gentleman) he is hot, HOT, as fuck!

In pictures anyways….and anywhere else I could creep him in this whole wide word of internet.

We matched on Tinder, yup that app from hell.

Last year…we exchanged frivolities, numbers, life tragedies.

He was here for only a brief moment.

We never met in person, I’ve never even heard the intonations in his voice.

I forgot he existed, even though his phone was still tucked away in my very famous potentials list.

A couple of days ago, out of a boring end of night, I was swiping.

There he was, same pic, with another year in between.

Of course, my thumb went right, even just for the sake of saying Hello, How have you been?  To a long lost cyber friend.

Just like an old boyfriend I’ve always knew.  He is familiar in my imaginary world.

Young, tall, dark, handsome, and very much educated.  Just like I like my piece of steak. And he served himself on a platter.

Nadz, me you, exclusively for a week, as girlfriend and boyfriend.


So, of course I said yes! or I do!

Anyone that would be wild enough to propose something like this is worth a week of my time.

Never done something like this before, especially with someone, I’ve never even met.

Give me a second.


Ok, I composed myself again.  This is exactly what I needed right in this space of time in my life.  Stability in my bed.  Someone that holds me while I sleep.  Someone that is a free spirit and is not afraid of jumping feet first into something very spontaneous.

Oh yeah, maybe I should mention, since it looks kinda like it lol that no money exchange is taking part in this transaction.  We are literally just very attracted to each other and want to give it a full on let’s try us and see where it goes…..week!

And did I mention the hotnest level of that man?

I’m producing more saliva just thinking of kissing that face

I’m seeing him for the first time of maybe a long time later today.

And did I mention that he does not drink (like zero) or do drugs or did not send me any pics of his dick?

A young professor.  Of all the things I love.

Hello world!

I’m gonna enjoy every second of this, every curves of his tall and fit body, exchange some great wisdom from a wild mind to a free one.

I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime I’m not single anymore…..for a week.

Too bad so sad bitches!!!!!

This free bird has caged herself very willingly.

I belong to someone, a full blown stranger.  This is hilarious but so fun!

Hey Babe, I’ll meet you at the corner of Downtown and Forever.





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