The butterfly effect

Life is ephemeral.

The way you look changes every day, fades, hair becomes whiter, skin draws lines, breathes becomes weaker, heart grows older.

Trees outside, becomes bigger, taller, the leaves falls and they grow back again.

Your family pet, ages, 7 years at a time faster, increments of time lived in black and white.

Everything is alive, yet dying.

The way I look at you now, is the same I looked at you yesterday.

The butterflies are still flying around, freely, in the wind inside my chest.

The land where they never age.  Forever caged up and ever in love.

When you see again, after being blind to everything, thinking you would live in darkness for the rest of times; beauty fluidly switches from the eyes to the heart of the beholder.

Love is beautiful but rare, it awakes at the dawn of the butterflies.

Beauty is scarcity, when those wings open up grandly, you’ve got to stop and smile.   Bathe in the feeling, reciprocated or not, in the midst of everything fading, true butterflies never stops flying in the valleys of your aging lungs.

Eyes open, eyes closed, they don’t need light to be.  They just need you and me.

It takes courage, to let them be free, the real butterflies.  To walk side by side with vulnerability flying inside of you.

How do you decipher the real ones, from the crap ones ?

Easy, one you feel, often, way to often, the call of the lust, the beauty from the eyes, once you catch them, you don’t want them anymore, they fade, they taste cheap, they harvest jealousy, envy, pride, competition, they wake you up at night because you are horny, sad, bad, fucked, and they will leave you , feeling even more alone than before.  They lack color, dept, dimensionality, intelligence and laughter.

The precious kind, they shine and make you shine in return.  They make you better.  There wings make you touch the sky, make you breathe deeper.  they give vertigo because it’s scary, you feel naked but totally alive.  You want only the best for the other, you wanna get to know them, under the surface of skin and looks, the iris of their eyes change when they look at you, their smell haunts you for days, you always want more, they caress you differently under the sheets, slower, deeper, longer.  They take over your thoughts, like a small hurricane every time they flaunt their wings.  They make you feel alive and scared.  They test you in the best kinda ways.  The trick is to stay, to not run away from the feeling, it’s always easy to leave, it’s even harder to stay, because it’s you, really you, not the one you dress up and make up.

Even with my eyes closed I feel you, next to me.  You’re the one that make chills appear all over my skin.  You’re the one that the hand holds me closer to myself.

The butterfly effect can’t be chased, faked, bought, sold, negotiated, it is, simply.

Molecular effect of the mitochondria’s breathing deeper life inside every cell.

Protons and Neutrons dancing slowly cheek to cheek, in the center of the universal atomical lives, maybe even pinching each others asses.


It’s the hunt of a lifetime, to find the butterflies with another.

To produce butterflies, life, together.

To be open, free and courageous enough to know them when they manifest themselves.

I will never settle for less than the butterflies.

Even if it takes me a forever or more to find them.










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