Hello you!

This is my world, sometime reality and fiction do love to dance together, so I’ll let you decide what is rrrrrreally real or not.  In the end, it’s all about dreaming while being awake and caressing the butterflies.

This is all fictional and original work , if anyone thinks it’s them, or recognize themselves, it is all a dream, not reality.

I always write with music playing in my ears, they produce world and words in my mind.  The music attached to any pieces of writing was the one playing at that exact time.  Just so you can immerse yourself even more and sync in with moi…..





Je tiens à préciser que mes articles et mes blogues sont mes opinions personnelles.

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  1. Mintie dit :

    C’est chiant tomber malade…j’espère que tu vas te sentir mieux sous peu 🙂

    1. oui je l’ai attaqué à la vitamine C comme j’avais dit et POUF c’est parti !

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