Project Boyfriend


In this city of constant renewal, i’m looking for steadiness

I might have more luck looking for gold in a gravel pit


I’ve dated

Around and around

We go

Circling the streets of love, stumbling instead in strangers shadows

I’ve tried, to not get attached to you

Reminiscing on your last kiss

Blissfully latching on

And I don’t want to let go

It’s scary to be momentarily alone

I want more, not necessarily from you, if I’m being honest

The chase is always more rewarding than the finish line

I wanna stop running

The marathon of constant disillusion

And just watch from afar

As we are eating popcorn and sharing kisses

And they are exchanging frivolities and sexual positions


That newest never will replace

The embrace of a  lover

Over and over and over again

Project boyfriend is on it’s way

And it’s pulling hard my way

I want a someone, that looks at me with different eyes

Lust and love combined

Sharing sheets, mornings, coffees, laughs, moments

Weekends that last forever

I am actually wondering if that exists.

Been asked 4 times today….to have a 69

Game of numbers and probabilities

No one asked to hold my hand…

I want love, I need love, to grow, just like a flower needs the sun

It’s a bold move

The courage of vulnerability

I need you

Wherever the fuck you are

You lose your soul sometime in the search of love

Mine was never lost

It is stronger and more resilient than ever

It’s never been so clear, what I want

Looking for the special one

That will share my deepest thoughts and pleasures

Watch me go








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